Who we are

We, at Art FX, provide creative screen printing solutions to enable OUR customers to better serve THEIR customers.

Our Approach

At Art FX, we focus on building long-term relationships by working directly with our clients. We form strategic alliances to share customer challenges, control costs (theirs as well as our own), develop each other's strengths and overcome weaknesses. We are committed to on-time deliveries, continuous quality improvement, day-to-day communication, technical assistance, design support, and electronic information flow. We emphasize building lasting relationships based upon open, honest communications and mutual trust.

Business practices

Art FX strives for and achieves the highest standards of professionalism, quality and ethical business practice. We stand by these principles, taking seriously our responsibilities to our clients, our employees and to the public. Our clients rely on us for their success - a responsibility we don't take lightly.


  • We believe in and demonstrate frequent open communications to keep us tuned to our clients' most pressing issues. Clients know that when they call, we respond quickly.

  • Our client relationships are based on mutual trust and clearly stated expectations. We exercise complete discretion with all material and information that is or could be sensitive in nature and content.

  • We strive for the cutting edge of screen printing technology through constant in-house research, development and on going training.

At Art FX we believe in performance, accountability, accessibility and delivering quality results.